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Getting back to macro

Posted on November 14, 2010 in Photography

Getting back to macro

Mmmm macro photography. It’s been a while since I shot the last macro picture. It doesn’t get old, the fact that things look totally different when you “blow” them up on your screen. Sometimes you can’t tell what it is, but it just looks remarkable regardless.

Macro photography isn’t easy. Often times, it’s the simplest thing that would make the coolest picture. You can’t just “look” at things around you and know how they’d look on camera. You need to be able to “see” things. You kind of have to be “in the zone” to spot out the details and angles.

I used to do a “Project 52 macro” some time last year, before I lost my camera. When I was able to get my gear back, work and life got in the way; I could no longer have at least one macro shot a week. The series of model shoots recently didn’t help either. So I promised myself last week that I would have at least a few macro photos before I shoot another human being. Well, here they are, enjoy 🙂

Head over my Flickr set to check out the rest.

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