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Beautiful HDR Time-lapse of Las Vegas by Philip Bloom

Posted on May 9, 2011 in Photography

Beautiful HDR Time-lapse of Las Vegas by Philip Bloom

“What, another time-lapse, really?” you ask. I know, I’ve been posting a lot of entries about timelapse videos lately. I wasn’t going to post this one at all, but I couldn’t resist. Not only is this a timelapse, but it’s also HDR. Yes, HDR timelapse. I’m normally not a huge fan of HDR, but this is one of the exception when HDR works really well.

Here’s a beautiful tone mapped HDR time-lapse video of Las Vegas shot by Philip Bloom using a few Canon DSLRs and a Panasonic GH2. He spent 5 days shooting, and many more processing the bracketed photographs using Photomatix Pro. It’s pretty amazing seeing Las Vegas go from day to night and then back again — all in HDR. To find out how Bloom did this, check out the behind-the-scenes writeup and video over on his blog.

My first attempt at HDR tone mapping timelapse.

We start off with normal timelapse and then go into the 3 and 7 bracket tone mapped HDR timelapses.

I wanted to create a sense of colour and insanity that Las Vegas gives you. All from one view point. My balcony. With that restriction can you do it? Well I did it before in my two previous timelapses…

This was harder in a way as there was no single focal point like in the Sydney Harbour piece or the Space Needle piece.

I made a virtue of the HDR tone mapping with the change of pace in the music and also my use of bookends which I love.

There is a very detailed commentary on his website which goes into each shot in detail. It’s worth a listen. philipbloom.net/​?p=13307

Music is from “Moon” by the brilliant Clint Mansell

Shot with a Gh2, T2i, T3i, 5Dmk2

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