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“One Shot” – A Short Movie Clip ft. Eliza Dushku and BTS

Posted on May 13, 2011 in Cinematography, Personal

“One Shot” – A Short Movie Clip ft. Eliza Dushku and BTS

I like Eliza Dushku, I’m not gonna lie. Yes, from Buffy to Tru Calling to Dollhouse, which, by the way, was her best. It’s a shame they cancelled it after two seasons. It wasn’t our fault they decided to air it on Friday night!

Below is a short clip of Eliza in some action video by Freddie Wong. This guy is a machine when it comes to producing interesting action videos consistently, which is probably why he has one of the most viewed channels on Youtube. In his newest action sequence, Freddie is determined to capture 50 seconds of mind blowing violence in one single take. The beauty with Freddie’s production is that literally anyone can make these videos if they just use their creativity and keep the production high despite the gear they own. Make sure to check out the behind-the-scene footage as well.

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