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The Battle at F-Stop Ridge – A Funny Video by The Camera Store

Posted on May 18, 2011 in Personal

The Battle at F-Stop Ridge – A Funny Video by The Camera Store

In our society, the war photographer exists to document battles, not fight in them. In the world imagined above, the war photographer will take your head off with an external flash.

In a short film directed and produced by Jordan Drake, the team at The Camera Store take the war of brands, formats, film, digital and everything else to F-Stop Ridge and battle it out.

The Camera Store opened in 1996 to better serve the Calgary and western Canadian markets. As Calgary’s premier photographic outlet, they are full line dealers for the entire range of conventional and digital photographic equipment and supplies, and they have the knowledge base to back it up!

They can make your photographic experiences easier and help improve your final product. Most commercial photographers, photo students and avid amateurs in Calgary rely on them for all their needs.

For a real kick watch it in HD and with headphones on. This video really gave me a chuckle!

Update: check out the making of video below:

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