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Kevin Kubota Has Been [FRAMED] on Their Season Finale

Posted on May 24, 2011 in Photography, Tips

Kevin Kubota Has Been [FRAMED] on Their Season Finale

You know Kevin Kubota? Yes, the guy you buy your zOmg-these-are-freaking-awesome-I-never-thought-I’d-use-these-so-much Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets from. He’s been interviewed and “[FRAMED]”. Kevin has been rated as one of the top ten photographers in the world.

How do you get to be one of the Top Ten Photographers in the world? You have fun, you are passionate, you are giving, you work hard, and you give back to the photography community. THAT is Kevin Kubota. He has provided tools and education to hundreds of thousands of photographers all over the world that not only educate, they inspire. Photography actions, lightroom tools, DVD’s, tutorials, and now, something bigger.

This episode, we catch sneak peak into the next amazing tool that he and his team are creating. We get to go with he and his team to three different scenarios of light. Natural light with a couple, crazy extreme sports bikers, and a bride…in a cave. The first shoot he did really reminds me of the shoot that Scott Serfas did a few months ago.

I’m still watching the show as I’m writing this entry. Note: VERY LONG! Also, check out what he did at around 12:30…

Photographer: Kevin Kubota

Blog: www.KevinKubotaBlog.com

Photographer 2: Benjamin Edwards

Videographer: Craig Zagurski

Interns: Alycia White, Marina Koslow, Derek Oldham, and Cindy Girroir

Models: Bride: Katie Tuma, Mountain Biker: Jamie Goldman, and couple: Grace Laxson and Tom Monson

Kevin’s Editing Actions: http://kubotaimagetools.com/

For more on The Lighting Notebook: http://kubotaimagetools.com/lighting-notebook

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