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Some Jaw-dropping Timelapse Videos by Tom Lowe @Timescapes

Posted on June 1, 2011 in Photography

Some Jaw-dropping Timelapse Videos by Tom Lowe @Timescapes

A website has been recently brought to my attention, called Timescape.org. The website is owned by Tom Lowe, who is also the director of their videos. On their website, you’ll see a bunch of useful information on timelapse videos related questions, including some behind-the-scene footages. Come check it out.

Below are a few videos of their collection. I actually spent all my morning looking at these ūüôā


Follow the production at:¬†twitter.com/‚Äčtimescapes and Facebook:¬†facebook.com/‚Äčpages/‚ÄčTimeScapes/‚Äč203801612992538

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