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Watch Some Awesome Time-lapse Videos by Alex Cherney

Posted on July 6, 2011 in Photography

Watch Some Awesome Time-lapse Videos by Alex Cherney

Alex Cherney is a hobbyist astronomer based in Melbourne, Australia. His passion in astronomy started in 2007 when his daughter came back from school and asked to help her find aliens. So they got a small telescope and a pair of binoculars. When he looked at Venus and Jupiter, he knew there was no coming back. The small telescope made room for a larger one, then a larger one and again.

Cherney’s website consists of Australian nature and landscape images taken under the light of Moon or the Milky Way, articles about places he’s travelled to, and keep up to date with the news and travel plans.

Below are a few time-lapse videos by Alex. They’re awesome!

Ocean Sky

11th Annual ASV Messier Star Party11th Annual ASV Messier Star Party

Three Galaxies and the Elephant Rock

Fawlty Farm

Reflections. Lake Tyrrel

Water Dance

Layers of the Night

The Dish


Star Trails at Flinders, Australia


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