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A BTS Look At The Making Of A Modern Wedding Video by Visual Masterpiece

Posted on July 13, 2011 in Photography

A BTS Look At The Making Of A Modern Wedding Video by Visual Masterpiece

Here’s another behind-the-scene footage of the latest wedding video by Visual Masterpiece. Not only are these guys amazingly good videographers, but they also know how to make an informative video. It looks like they made good use of the Cinevate Atlas 10 this time. They received the Atlas 10 with vertical pully/slider just before this event so this was their first run with it.

For those of you familiar with the Atlas 30, the slide of the 10 is smooth, but not as smooth. The 10 requires a slight constant push, whereas the 30 glides along effortlessly. The 10 also has enclosed rails which keep them from possibly being dinged, which meant we could treat the 10 a bit more carelessly than we do the 30. However this ruggedness comes at a price of weight which is a downside after being already weighed down with tripods and loads of other cinematography equipment for gorilla filmmaking. Since we had the ATL legs, adding a strap was easy and essential for managing the additional weight. The ability to add a quick release plate at the end and middle meant no longer packing c-stands for the Atlas 30, which was nice since we always had a tripod nearby.

The vertical system was really smooth. Although the 10 can be used without the pulleys, I feel the leverage they give does a better job than pushing the camera up itself. Cinevate supplies the vertical system with a counter balancing box that you can fill up with bolts, rocks or whatever. Although we did test it out with amazing results, we choose not to bring the counter balance simply because it doesn’t work for this type of shooting. If we were in a controlled environment you bet it would be used! Having the vertical option gave us a new look that we took advantage of. Ring shots, dress shots, foreground shots all got another possible perspective thanks to the vertical system.

Here’s the final wedding video:

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