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First LYTRO Fashion Photoshoot with Coco Rocha

Posted on July 22, 2011 in Fashion, Photography

First LYTRO Fashion Photoshoot with Coco Rocha

A few weeks ago, you guys have probably heard all the news about the new LYTRO camera. Supposedly, this camera has the ability to shoot first and then focus later in post. I’m not sure when they’ll be releasing the consumer version of this thing, but apparently Coco Rocha, a Canadian fashion model based in New York, and her photographer, were able to legitimately get a hold of the prototype to do a test shoot.

This was the very FIRST fashion shoot ever done by the LYTRO camera. I must say, I’m not THAT impressed. The images look like they were exactly what I thought they would be. Not so great on the quality,  and of course the shoot was in the middle of a sunny day. My speculation is the camera shoots at a very small aperture to get everything in focus. The camera would then divide the image into a matrix, and then record the distances to each “square” or region. In post, you can click on any point of the image, and their software would calculate all the other points that have the same distance, leaving those “points” intact, and then apply some sort of Gaussian blur to the rest of the image. My thinking is because of the small aperture, we’d need to shoot with enough lighting to light up your subject.

Of course, we won’t know for sure how this thing works until they officially release it, BUT here’s a nice behind-the-scene video, along with some sample pictures. You can visit Coco Rocha’s website to play with the focusing.

Update: you can read up on how this thing works here: http://www.cameratechnica.com/2011/06/30/a-preview-of-the-lytro-light-field-camera/

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