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More Soft Box Lighting Lesson Video by Jay P. Morgan “The Slanted Lens”

Posted on August 23, 2011 in Photography, Tips

More Soft Box Lighting Lesson Video by Jay P. Morgan “The Slanted Lens”

This is the continuation [and ending] of a series of lighting lesson videos. In part 1, Jay P. Morgan talked about myths and facts on different types and sizes of soft boxes. In part 2, he talked about how to create a simple three light set up to shoot a model. Part two shows how to apply the science of part one to a real life situation. The art of creating light is a language all its own. The language of light is the emotion that light creates in the viewer. It’s not enough to know the science of using a soft box, you must understand how light effects people. This part introduces the idea that light is a language and it can cause different emotions in the viewer. This is just an introduction to the idea that light causes emotion. The Language of Light.

In part 3, Jay P. Morgan and his team use soft boxes to light the Rocket Fizz Bottle that was used in part 2. There are a lot of ways to light a bottle but they chose to show us how to accomplish it using soft boxes as part of our series. This finished bottle was then com-posited into the image of the model. I must say, that’s some serious business to light up a tiny bottle.

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