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Emily Drazil, a young grasshopper

Posted on November 20, 2010 in Fashion, Photography

Emily Drazil, a young grasshopper

Emily: Hey, do you want to do a shoot?

Me: Sure. Can you come to the studio at 6:00pm?

Emily: Yes I can. By the way, is there any way you can give me the pictures after the shoot?

Uhm, that would be a no Emily, hahaha. I need to do some post-processing before I can send them to you. Otherwise, that would be like me being a chef, and giving you a plate full of ingredients. Raw. Taking the photos is only a third of the work.

I think there’s a lot of energy in this 22-year-old grasshopper. She actually arrived to the studio early. 5:55pm and she was already there. What, a girl being early? That doesn’t happen these days! And I was “late”. And by “late” I mean 5 minutes early. I had to say I was sorry that you arrived early. Yes, I’m professional like that 🙂

Okay, let’s start shooting shall we? You know when you tell someone to turn right, and they’ll just do exactly what you said? Well that’s not what happened here…

Me: Okay can you turn right a little bit? Right. No, I mean right. Right. You’re turning left…

Emily: Oh…

It’s okay, she managed to figure out the direction. Kinda. This is one of the first shots…

Emily Drazil

Me: Those are some really cute pictures. Do you have a different outfit you can try on?

Emily: Yes I do. Here, let me put it on.

….after half an hour of shooting with the new outfit…

Emily: I really like those pictures with the Christmas gift outfit…

Me: Huh? What Christmas gift are you talking about?

Emily: Oh you know, these ones. The outfit that looks like a box with a white bow… kind of like a Christmas gift box….

Me: ooooohhh…

This is what she means…

Emily DrazilEmily Drazil

Gotta have some sexy looking pictures as well. No worries, she came prepared…

Emily Drazil

…and by “prepared”, I mean very well prepared 🙂

Emily Drazil

…and then we wrapped things up with a few shots with the ring light. I personally like this one the best…

Emily Drazil

That was a fun shoot. Emily was nice and easy to work with. I hope to work with her again in the future. Next time, I’ll tell her to be 15-minutes late, and bring a compass or 2 signs that say “Left” and “Right” each, so that I can put them on her sides 🙂

These are only some highlights of the shoot. You can check out the rest of the pix on my Flickr’s set or Facebook page.

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