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Watch Some Mind-blowing Time-lapse Videos by Johan Rijpma

Posted on September 11, 2011 in Photography

Watch Some Mind-blowing Time-lapse Videos by Johan Rijpma

Dutch Johan Rijpma brings us these three funky experiments in videography. His videos show a fascination with shapes and rhythm. The first and most recent project, Tape Generations, is as mesmerising as it is genius. A bunch of rolls of tape and a glass plate don’t sound like the ingredients for a captivating piece of animation. That is, unless you’re Johan Rijpma. Stick with this one (pun intended); it starts out slow, but picks up in the second half. The slow unwinding of the tape combined with its staccato pops off the screen creates a sense of unexpected foreboding that is further amplified by the sound design.

Tape Generations


The fly-landscape caused by a passenger train slowly REM sleep.
The rubber bands represent here in the viewing direction of the traveler, and the melodies arise naturally from the video frames and the displacement of points.
The structure is based on the four stages of sleep.


The hidden movements and melodies of street tiles.

Tiles is an animation made of a large photographic collection of street tiles. By viewing this collection of photographs as a sequence, different movements and processes become visible within the frame of the tiles. Both music and animation are trying to find a balance between a thought-out arrangement and an arrangement of ‘chance’ deriving directly from the tiles.

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