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Watch the Marings and Their Light Setups with the Profoto D1 Air Kit

Posted on September 13, 2011 in Photography, Tips

Watch the Marings and Their Light Setups with the Profoto D1 Air Kit

Charles Maring and Jennifer Maring from Maring Visuals‘ services have been published widely as advertisements, on the cover, or editorially in magazines such as People, US Weekly, Celebrity Living, Star, Hello, Brides, Modern Bride, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, OK, Life and Style, Professional Photographer, and Rangefinder to name a few. Notable clients have included Donald and Melania Trump, Star Jones, David Tutera, Tom Clancy, Disney, American Express, The Lane Construction Corporation, Curtain Bluff Spa and Resort, among others.

Below are a few videos of this couple collaborating on some lighting setups and tutorials using the Profoto D1 Air Kit.

One-light setups with the D1 Air Kit:

In the first, the D1 is placed up high to emulate sunlight and casting a dramatic shadow. With an Air Remote attached, the seemingly distant monolight is now in control from their fingertips.

For the second set up, a D1 paired with a Magnum Reflector come together with the present, natural ambient light to create a chic and soft environment. The Magnum Reflector is a light shaper that wears many hats as you can add a grid if you’re looking for something more fashionable or take it off and spread the light. For shooting portraits, the Marings deem this combination as “perfect”.

Two-light Setups with the D1 Air Kit:

For the first, a Magnum Reflector with a 25-Degree Honey Comb Grid is used to light the subject while the D1 Reflector lights the background giving a marvelous 3D effect.

In the second set-up, we’re going for a Hamptons theme portrait. The umbrella is used to light the subject while a D1 Air is used as a rim light to highlight her shoulders and hair.

The ease of set up, break down and portability quickly makes the D1 Air Kit your most valuable assistant on set.

Four-light Setups with the D1 Air Kit:

The Marings play around with two D1 Air Kits on set and the results are shots that are, “soft and pretty with a perfect touch of sophistication.” Watch this video to learn how they achieved this with a four light set-up.

First, an umbrella on a D1 was used to illuminate the background. Then to brighten the back of the subject, a Magnum Reflector on a D1 Air was placed behind her. This gives the photo a 3D effect plus a sprinkle of glamour. A 10-degree Honeycomb Grid on a D1 Air was used to focus the light on her face. Lastly a Softbox Octa was used to showcase her outfit.

D1 Air monolight gives great consistency with color temperature and output. Additionally, the ease of having four lights in two cases makes for very stress-free traveling and no hassle when it comes to setting up or breaking down lights; you can transition smoothly from one set up to the next.

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