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Photographing Native Mongolians by Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe

Posted on September 19, 2011 in Photography

Photographing Native Mongolians by Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe

Teenage photographers Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe embarked on a ten-day motorcycle trip across Mongolia this past summer on a mission to give instant photo portraits to Native Mongolians who had never seen a photo before. They also made the above video documenting the reactions of a few of their subjects:

“people huddled around us just to have their photo taken and once they got one, they’d return to their yurt, but eventually return with other friends or family members who also wanted a polaroid. they were all so shocked when they’d finally see a faded image of their face appear on the polaroid, especially because we couldn’t really concept of polaroids since we speak no mongolian and they speak no English.

each person photographed really prized and protected his or her polaroid (fearing that we wanted to keep it), and barely let us see it when it was developed! the children automatically stored it away once we showed them what was the very first picture of themselves. it was a really great and humbling experience and showed us how much just one photograph can mean to people who have never had one of themselves. although many people claim they want to escape this mess of technology in more developed countries, we often tend to take the beauty of some technology, such as photography, for granted.”

The video should bring a smile to your face and a fuzzy feeling to your heart.

via PetaPixel.

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  1. Jorge Salles September 24, 2011

    Amazing initiative of such young couple. Congrats Vanessa and Wilson.

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