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Killer Cover of the Theme Song from Dexter by Adam Ben Ezra

Posted on September 22, 2011 in Personal

Killer Cover of the Theme Song from Dexter by Adam Ben Ezra

If you’re a Dexter fan, you’re going to LOVE this video by Adam Ben Ezra, who delivers a one man show like you’ve never seen before. He gracefully combines virtuous playing into pop songs, morphing his double bass into a multi-useful instrument. With his hands, he’ll tap percussion bits on the double bass’s wood or strings, then straight after, will move into recording a new layer with the double bass’s bow, then might go into a solo on the Clarinet, Guitar, Melodica, Piano or Oud. Keeping busy with all that, he’ll approach the microphone (not this particular video) to add his voice. All is maintained into a flowing pop song structure. You just have to see it to believe it. Don’t forget to to check out his Youtube channel for more videos.

Arranged and performed by Adam Ben Ezra: http://facebook.com/AdamBenEzra1

Director & editor – Guy Dayan – http://guydayan.com
Cinematographer – Sergey Maydin – sergeymvideo@gmail.com
Sound designer – Dan Zipori – http://youtube.com/user/danzipori
Assistant director – Alon Porat – http://lole.co.il

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