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What a Close Call – I Actually Almost Died Today

Posted on October 7, 2011 in Personal

What a Close Call – I Actually Almost Died Today

Lately, I haven’t been able to go to bed early. I get sucked into doing so many random things and being on the Internet that I don’t sleep until at least 1:30am. Now, that may not seem like a big deal to some of you night owls, but given that I have to be up by 7am to get to work on time, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of sleeping time. Usually, I try to catch up with my sleep by taking a nap right when I get home from work; but there are days that I have to be at work for more 11 hours. Let me tell you, an 11-hour work day can really drain your battery.

Today was one of those days. On my way home, I turned on the fan to let the cool air blow into my eyes to keep me awake; but it got so cold that I had to shut off the vent and turn on the heater. That was when it started. I became sleepy. Very sleepy that I started driving two lanes at once, hahaha! What I should have done was to roll down the windows to keep things a bit cool, but I was too comfortable, so I just let the heater run. My eyes started to water, and my eyelids started to weigh heavier and heavier. The loud trance music wasn’t doing much, considering how repetitive it is… umm psss umm psss mmm psss…





Ooohhh s******t!!! What the f*********!!!

I open my eyes, and I realized I was no longer on the freeway. I was off the freakin’ freeway. How’d that happen?!!

BOOM! One more time. Aaah shuck… I hit one of the portable road signs that says “Uneven pavement”. Quickly, I tried to swerve out of the shoulder, so I ended up back on the freeway. Now, swerving while going at 70 mph can get things quite ugly. I ended up fish-tailing a few times, and making a few small “donuts”. Or maybe they were only half-donuts, or quarter-donuts. I don’t know. Things were going too fast. Luckily, there was no traffic, and I was finally able regain the control of my car. I pulled over, sat there for a few seconds to calm down. I then grabbed the flashlight in the glove compartment, got out of the car to assess the damage. Hmmm, safe to say that damn road sign took a good chunk of my paint. The corner light turn signal on the driver side is broken; it’s barely hanging on to the cable inside the socket. The cover of my driver door mirror is gone, and the mirror itself is nowhere to be found. Whatever, I wanted to get off the freeway as quickly as possible. My exit was only about 3 miles away, and I was able to get home safe and sound. Phew. That was close.

I told my friend what happened, and he asked me a question after that, “So, any life epiphany after the event tonight?” – No, not really. Or at least not anything I could think of at the moment. I always try to live my life without any regrets. Well, maybe that one time I ordered the hot wings from Wingstop. They were so hot that I couldn’t even taste the chicken; I knew I shouldn’t have gone for the Atomic. Or maybe I should’ve taken up some guitar lessons while I was young. Now they hurt my fingers so bad I can’t even type. But other than that, no big regrets.

“But what if your organs got all jacked up? Or what if you’d become immobile and just laid there?” – Good question, I really don’t know; but that reminded me that I need to get on making a living will, in case this happens again and I don’t make it. The crazy thing is, I almost ended up under an 18-wheeler a bit before the crash. Luckily I opened my eyes just a split second before I got too close to the truck.

Again, that was a very close one today. I almost kicked the bucket before I even have a chance to get my hands on the new Nikon 1 J1. That would’ve made me very unhappy. Or also the fact that I haven’t been back to Wingstop ever since that time I ordered the Atomics.

Either way, I need to sleep soon; it’s already close to 1:30am again. If I don’t sleep now, I may actually end up under an 18-wheeler tomorrow.

Good night.

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