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How to Time Sync Your Photos in Lightroom by Kevin Kubota

Posted on October 7, 2011 in Photography, Tips

How to Time Sync Your Photos in Lightroom by Kevin Kubota

For most of us pros and semi-pros, and anything in between, we have at least two camera bodies. When you’re out on location doing a photoshoot, chances are you will bringĀ out both (or more) of your bodies, with each having a lens attached to it; that way you can save the time of changing the lens to not miss any “money” shot, or to save the hassle. Up until recently, before I saw this video by Kevin Kubota, I always had trouble with organizing all the photos once I’d imported them into Lightroom. It became very annoying when my cameras are not synced in time, so I couldn’t sort the photos by captured time. I mean, I do try to make sure the times are close, but sometimes a minute could mean 30 photos between 2 cameras. Things got mixed up so badly that I feel overwhelmed. Sorting by filename is really out of the question; you’d practically end up editing 2 batches. Oh, if you happen to have a second shooter for a wedding or an event, you can bet nothing is in sync.

Watch the video below and see how Kevin Kubota will walk through the process of synchronizing the captured time between camera bodies, and then applying to the entire batch. Once done, you’ll end up with a set/collection that is sorted chronologically and correctly.

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