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Watch Quavondo Doing a Photoshoot for Popina Swimwear on a Rooftop

Posted on October 10, 2011 in Fashion, Photography

Watch Quavondo Doing a Photoshoot for Popina Swimwear on a Rooftop

In case you don’t remember who Quavondo is, he’s one of the talented photographers who was featured on one of [FRAMED]’s episodes a few months ago. Driven by an incredible passion for photography, design, and 80â€ēs music, Quavondo is known for his amazing conceptual and fashion shoots along with his dramatic lighting, fantastic post processing work, and some other big magazines.

In the video below, Quavondo takes us to a photoshoot that he did on a rooftop for a swimwear company named Popina. Usually, Quavondo isn’t much of talker in his BTS videos. In fact, his BTS videos are normally shorter; however, I really like change, which is quite positive. Now we’ll get to know what body he shoots with, what lens he’s using, how he and his crew set up the lighting, what type of food they ate, and how unpleasant the weather is. Yeah, I know. Irrelevant information? Maybe. Fun to watch? Definitely.

Update: Check the video below to see what’s in his bag.



  1. Nina Grace October 11, 2011

    Man, you always post the best behind the scenes videos! Love it, thanks!

    • Tam Nguyen October 11, 2011

      Haha, thanks! I spend too much time on the Internet 🙂

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