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Nikon’s evil twin?

Posted on November 21, 2010 in Photography, Technology

Nikon’s evil twin?

If this is some sort of the upcoming Nikon body, I want it. This would be like driving a Maserati in the Nikon world. You can’t beat that.

I spotted this picture on NikonRumors.com. It looks like the image was shot and grabbed from a Chinese forum (DCHome). The “kit” appears to have a few addons in the back too, some Flip-style pocketcam maybe? Or they may very well be some microphone for the new body?

I’ve also heard Nikon is working on some mirrorless bodies, but this thing looks too big to be mirrorless. I mean, the whole idea is to shrink the size and be as stealthy as possible, not to look like this bling-bling awesome thing.

Either way, this is cool, and I want it.

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