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Grandpa’s birthday

Posted on November 22, 2010 in Food, Personal, Photography

Grandpa’s birthday

Every Sunday afternoon, I go home for a family dinner. It’s usually nothing big, just a regular dinner with the dishes that we all enjoy. Last Sunday was different; it was our grandpa’s birthday, so we had food catered to our house. Mmmmm food 🙂

I couldn’t wait, so I came home early, and I brought my camera with me. Since no one arrived yet, I busted out my macro lens and did a few shots while waiting…

Those water droplets, they didn’t come from the rain. They came from a spray bottle water that my dad uses to water the in-house plants.

What makes you weird?

While I was at it, might as well spray some water on these fruits that are laying on the table and see what happens…

How would you spend your ideal day?

How ’bout on these pineapple? Although, you could barely see the water drops…

Who impresses you?

Finally, people arrive. First, it was a friend of our family and her husband. Boy, did they come baring food…

You walk like a ___, you talk like ___, you are a ___

and more food…


and desert…

Gift for me?Chocolate cake

I tried to help setting up the table while snapping a few…

Dinner ready?

Well, that was the “before” shot. I’d share the “after” shot with you guys, but there wasn’t any left.

Oh, by the way, this is the birthday boy. Happy birthday, Ong Ngoai (“grandpa” in Vietnamese).


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