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Enjoy Some Gorgeous Time-lapse Videos by Samuel Cockedey

Posted on October 25, 2011 in Technology

Enjoy Some Gorgeous Time-lapse Videos by Samuel Cockedey

Japan is probably rated to be one of the most beautiful country to visit in the world. It’s also home base of a French photographer named Samuel Cockedey. About three years ago he came across a few time-lapse videos that he found really interesting. Samuel was especially fascinated by the works of Anthony Powell (www.frozensouth.com), who has been shooting for several years in Antarctica. At the time, Samuel was also a bit frustrated with still pictures, as he felt they didn’t do justice to the amazing vistas and skies he could witness in Tokyo. Time-lapse seemed the perfect medium. So he did some research, ordered an intervalometer, and started shooting.

Since then, Samuel has been able to produce a some magnificent work. For your convenience, I’ve gathered all 6 of them and posted them below. Enjoy!

Android Dreams

Inter States

Floating Point


Static Pulse

Remanence: Variance

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