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Kina Grannis’ SCP – “In Your Arms” – Stop-motion Music Video Shot with Jelly Beans

Posted on November 3, 2011 in Personal, Photography

Kina Grannis’ SCP – “In Your Arms” – Stop-motion Music Video Shot with Jelly Beans

I love Kina Grannis. That’s a hard cold fact, and there’s no doubt about it. Kina is an artist, singer and song writer that got really popular on the internet by making Youtube videos, starting a few years ago. She’s one of the “cool” artists who don’t go mainstream, and prefer to keep it that way. Her songs are generally innocent, soothing, and genuine. I’ve had a chance to go see her perform live a couple months ago, and it was quite an experience. The venue was probably the smallest and most intimate venue I’ve ever been to. The best thing is at one point during the live show, she took off her microphone and went “raw” – just her singing with the guitar. Her voice was literally no different than what you’d hear on Youtube or her album. Best. Voice. On. Earth.

Most of her music videos are recorded with her webcam, phone, or a portable digicam. Sometimes she’d make a regular and cute music video. About almost 2 years ago, she started working on this SCP (secret crazy project). No one knew what it was until she released it today. As it turns out, she’s been working on a music video for one of her songs, “In Your Arms”. The entire video was shot in stop-motion style, with jelly beans in the background. Yes, real jelly beans, no green screen. Check out the official video, and then the behind-the-scene video, and you’ll see the astronomical amount of work that was put into making this.

22 months
1,357 hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera
288,000 jelly beans

Make sure to follow Kina on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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