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Midnight Sun Iceland “Unofficial” Time-lapse Footage by Joe Capra (scientifantastic)

Posted on November 18, 2011 in Photography

Midnight Sun Iceland “Unofficial” Time-lapse Footage by Joe Capra (scientifantastic)

“These are some of the shots that didn’t make it into Midnight Sun | Iceland for one reason or another,” Joe Capra said. I must admit, there are some parts of the video that didn’t really catch my eyes; for example, some of the parts that he used a crane. If I had to guess, I would say the reason why these shots didn’t make it to the official video was because some of them had the flicker issue. However, I think this is one great time-lapse video regardless. I love the shots at the Lupin location where you can see the sun and the sky casting a gorgeous pink/purle shade over the land. That and the shot where you can see the water and the ice moving. Breathtaking.

6245708140 13dc2ed020 Midnight Sun | Iceland   Gorgeous Time lapse by Joe Capra (scientifantastic) Tam Nguyen Sacramento Portrait Wedding Photographer

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