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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Posted on November 24, 2011 in Personal

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving, I brought my new toy Nikon 1 J1 and took it for a test drive. Timelapse style. That’s how I roll.

I wanted to capture our entire thanksgiving dinner in a movie format, but I knew my camera battery wouldn’t have enough juice to run throughout the night. Timelapse was my best option. I set the camera on the tripod, let it sit and take photos. This is my first time, so I wasn’t sure what interval I should go for. Originally, it was taking a photo every 20 seconds. I realized it was a bit too slow, so I increased it to 10 seconds. That still wasn’t cutting it, as it was taking too long for us to uhm… mess around in front of it. We decided to stay at 5 seconds interval, which worked out great.

I was able to get 1400+ shots out of the battery. All the still images added up to more than 9 GBs, each is 1/30s f/4.0 ISO 1400-1600. For the playback, the speed is 6 frames per second, up-converted to 30fps, 1080p.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.

Music: “Welcome Home” by Radical Face

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  1. Cathy May 7, 2012

    That was pretty cool! Awesome song, too.

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