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Photographer Shoot-Off by Lara Jade VS Joey L #LJVSJL

Posted on December 2, 2011 in Photography

Photographer Shoot-Off by Lara Jade VS Joey L #LJVSJL

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting some tweets that have the hastag #LJVSJL. They are for Lara Jade’s and Joey L’s educational DVD promo. Two years in the making and 4 different challenges. A total of 4 hours of materials.

One-Liner Contest: To enter, you need to think of a photography or Photoshop related one-liner joke and post it on twitter – make sure to include a link to the official website http://www.larajadevsjoeyl.com and the hashtag #LJVSJL so they can track all of your submissions! Examples:

“It’d only be a “beauty dish” if you wore it over your face.” #LJVSJL http://www.larajadevsjoeyl.com

“The clone tool was invented for people like you!” #LJVSJL http://www.larajadevsjoeyl.com

More details can be found here.

Get inside the minds of photographers Lara Jade and Joey L as they compete head to head in photo shoots around the world. In “Photographer Shoot-Off”, the rivals are given a range of different challenge topics in which they must interpret and execute in their own way. The lessons range from having to create an image in a controlled environment such as a studio, to photographing a complete stranger somewhere new and unplanned. Both of the photographers have completely different styles, and approach each challenge differently. Learn how each photographer directs, professionally lights, composes, and Photoshops their final images. Follow along from start to finish with no information held back. The tutorials contain knowledge spanning years of each photographer’s career. Who will be the victor?

You can find out more about what’s in those DVDs or purchase them here.


  1. Wes January 19, 2012

    I bought the video series on recommendation from a friend and it wasn’t really useful for me who is new to photography. I deleted the videos from my computer and contacted his support staff for a refund and was denied a refund by Joey himself. I don’t know any store, online or otherwise, that won’t offer a refund to customers who don’t want the product. I’ve been treated terribly by Joey and his team and give a STRONG recommendation that you do not purchase this tutorial or, if you do- make damn sure that you want it because there’s no chance of a refund from these greedy people.

  2. LJ March 13, 2012

    I am sorry you don’t feel that way your purchase of LJ Vs JL. All of these queries have to be handled via the customer support that Joey & his handle in order for us to process your request.

    Unfortunately all download sales are final, if this was a psychical disc, this could have been sent back. However, as you know, a download is different and we can’t be sure that content is no longer available. We clearly state the contents of the DVD online and through the viewable trailer so that each customer is aware on what they are recieving. I hope this is understandable.

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