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Amazing Timelapse Videos by Jake McKee

Posted on December 4, 2011 in Photography

Amazing Timelapse Videos by Jake McKee

Check out these time-lapse videos by Jake McKee, who’s a photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas. His videos tend to have a dark look and feel to them, which is not what we normally see in this genre. In any event, these videos are great regardless. His gear includes Canon 5dmk2, Canon T2i, Canon 1Dmk3, Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, Canon 15mm f/2.8, Canon 16-35mm f/2.8, Sigma 20mm f/1.8, Canon 50mm f/1.2, Canon 15mm fish-eye, and Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly. That’s some quality camera bag if you ask me 🙂


Texas Cemeteries Time-lapse

Destin Time-lapse

Texas time-lapse


Utah time-lapse

Fort Griffin Time-Lapse

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