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Incredible Timelapse Videos by Greg Kiss

Posted on December 4, 2011 in Photography

Incredible Timelapse Videos by Greg Kiss

Greg Kiss is a passionate landscape photographer and filmmaker from Germany who travels extensively to find beautiful places he has a talent for capturing. Since 1990, Greg worked intensively with the photograph, the first exclusively with landscape photography, and later he expanded his portfolio to include among other things, travel photography, portraits and architectural photography.

The focus of his work is and remains the nature. He is looking for unusual destinations, taking long walks and little sleep to present themselves to the nature in its best light. His pictures are seldom spontaneous, usually possible through planned and always without taking any damage to nature.

At most places, he returned after a few hours or the next day again, because the light has become better or because it is still a new idea came to shape the design. In his enthusiasm for what he photographed, he shows that he loves nature in all its facets.

Check out some of his gorgeous time-lapse videos below.

Winter Wonderland

Incredible Iceland

Wicked Wiesn


Magical Movements


Awesome Alps

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