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Great Timelapse Video “TimeScapes 4K” by Tom Lowe

Posted on December 5, 2011 in Photography

Great Timelapse Video “TimeScapes 4K” by Tom Lowe

Wow! This is one of the greatest video clips I’ve seen lately, done by Tom Lowe from Timescape.org. This is production footage from his forthcoming debut film, “TimeScapes,” a portrait of the American Southwest. This video was filmed and edited at 4K (4069×2304) resolution, four times greater than regular 1080p HD. Shot on Red Epic and Canon RAW still cameras. You can pre-order the movie “TimeScapes” here: timescapes.org/pre_order.asp

Follow the film here: 1) twitter.com/timescapes 2) facebook.com/TimeScapes 3) gplus.to/tomlowe

If you have a 30″ monitor and fast computer you can download a 2560×1440 copy of this video here: timescapesfiles.com/TimeScapes4K2560p.zip

Music by Nigel “John” Stanford: johnstanfordmusic.com

Behind the Scenes: Nevada Night

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