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“Tekapo Starlight” – Majestic Timelapse Video by Alex Cherney

Posted on December 6, 2011 in Photography

“Tekapo Starlight” – Majestic Timelapse Video by Alex Cherney

It looks like Alex Cherney just released yet another jaw-dropping timelapse video of Lake Tekapo on South Island, New Zealand. The lake does look like it’s arguably one of best night sky locations in the Southern Hemisphere. The significance of its pristine night sky without light pollution is recognized world-wide, and is being included in the list of UNESCO Starlight Reserves.

The World at Night works closely with UNESCO Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative helping to increase public awareness of the importance of dark skies. Footage in this time lapse was filmed for a BS JAPAN documentary feature about Lake Tekapo night sky.

Looking at the sky, the cloud, the water, and the stars in this video, you’ll realize how tiny we are in this universe. At about 1:55, you’ll see something very cool that you might’ve never seen before.

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