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Double Exposure: Canon vs. Nikon by Tweakers

Posted on December 13, 2011 in Cinematography, Photography

Double Exposure: Canon vs. Nikon by Tweakers

You guys remember the video I posted last month about the battle of Photographers vs. Videographers? Or the one a few months ago of just between shooters at F-Stop Ridge? This video might actually be better than those two. A group of Canon commandos is sent out on a mission. Their objective: to save an innocent girl who has been taken hostage by Nikon terrorists. Who will ultimately win this battle? Watch the video below to find out…

One thing that didn’t sit well with me is the fact that Nikonians were the terrorists, and Canonians were the good guys… or are they?

My favorite part: those so-called Commandos got ‘naded with a SB-800. That, and the Matrix-like shot in the groin 🙂

There will be a behind-the-scene footage posted on December 20th, so make sure to come back here on a later date.

Update: watch the making of video below

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