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“Snow Globe Los Angeles” by All Cut Up Films

Posted on December 20, 2011 in Photography

“Snow Globe Los Angeles” by All Cut Up Films

Just in time for the holidays! “Snow Globe Los Angeles” is a short time-lapse film that captures the city of L.A. during the holiday season. Photographers Colin Mika & Brandon Vedder of¬†All Cut Up Films¬†created this beautiful time lapse of Los Angeles with a twist (or actually two). The first is that the entire film was shot through a snow globe, which I assume means that the camera was upside down for the entire duration of the shoot. The second is the use of paper cut filters to achieve a shaped bokeh.

“Snow Globe Los Angeles” was created using over 4000 still images shot on a custom built camera rig. The effect was achieved using a Canon 5D MII, a homemade tilt-shift style lens, a light bulb filled with water, and paper cut outs to create shaped bokeh.

Music: “Samskeyti” by Sigur Ros

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