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Gorgeous HDR Timelapse Videos by Tanguy Louvigny

Posted on December 22, 2011 in Photography

Gorgeous HDR Timelapse Videos by Tanguy Louvigny

Beautiful time-lapse photography is difficult enough to achieve, but attempting it in HDR (high dynamic range) photography adds another layer of complexity as was done here successfully in France (Normandy & Britany). This means the photographer had to take bracketed photos at different exposure levels for each individual frame, and then post-process those bracketed sets into HDR in a way that the lighting stays consistent so something called “flickering” does not occur due to rapid changes in lighting between the video frames. These videos have created a lot of discussion between photographers because it is such a difficult technique to master. Take a moment and enjoy. Oh and then he made the music too. How awesome is that?!

HDR Skies


Forest lights

Sunset over beach, HDR motion time-lapse

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