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Shoot Using Reflectors with Liz Hernandez by Jay P. Morgan “The Slanted Lens”

Posted on December 30, 2011 in Photography, Tips

Shoot Using Reflectors with Liz Hernandez by Jay P. Morgan “The Slanted Lens”

Here’s a collaboration photoshoot of Liz Hernandez, E! anchorwomen and model, and Jay P. Morgan “The Slanted Lens” going behind the scenes. In this video, Jay talks about reflectors and how to use them on location. This is simply a beginning look at reflectors, the different colors, and practical application examples on how to use them. As a beginning photographer, using a reflector is an easy way to start to modify light and learn where to place the light source in relationship to your subject. Using reflectors and becoming good at placing them will teach you how to place strobes. Good light placement is the same for both strobes and reflectors but easier to see with a reflectors than it is with strobes.

Combining Strobes and Reflectors: reflectors are nice and quick, but sometimes they’re a bit restrictive. There are many things that can be done with a couple of reflectors alone, but so many more options when you add just one strobe head. In this follow-up to last week’s lesson on “Reflectors” video below, Jay P. Morgan will take a look at using one strobe head in addition to reflectors. With a couple of reflectors and a portable strobe unit, you can better control the lighting situations on location. When the sun does not cooperate, the strobe does. It’s there as a fail safe for whatever situation you may be in.

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