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Awesome Ads: Canon PIXMA “Bring Colour to Life”

Posted on January 18, 2012 in Photography, Technology

Awesome Ads: Canon PIXMA “Bring Colour to Life”

As some of you might have already known, I don’t own a TV at home, and I don’t plan to have one anytime soon. Whenever I see a cool advertisement that someone posts on Youtube or Vimeo, I’m pretty much amazed. Check out this ads by Canon called “Bring colour to life” that was run in Europe back in 2010. When technology is at the service of art, this is what we get, amazing things no one has ever seen that are truly magnificent. Kinda reminds me of the work by Corrie White and Markus Reugels.


Thanks to the guys from FStoppers who posted link the making of video below:

The video below pretty much speaks for its self. There are some truly beautiful photos captured using this impressive setup. Not only were they shooting at 5400 F.P.S., they also had the camera rotating around the subject at a high rate of speed to increase the sense of motion.  Making matters worse for the photographer; he was working with a depth of field of less than ½ an inch!  Check out the video and make sure to view it at the 720p settings if you machine can handle that sort of thing.


Here’s one unrelated video called “DTS: The Speaker Orchestra” that has nothing to do with printer, but it has the same concept of “dancing” ink. Very cool.

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