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Lightroom 4 Develop Module Advancements

Posted on February 2, 2012 in Photography, Technology

Lightroom 4 Develop Module Advancements

WOW! I just finished watching this preview video of the new Adobe Lightroom 4, and my jaw is still stuck on the floor. You can officially call me amazed by this new piece of software. It looks like Adobe has done a great job overhauling the Develop Module and adding some very nice features to it. I know most of us are not very happy with the way it is right now, but trust me, the fixes are coming. For example, here’s some beef that I used to have with Lightroom and the fix:

  • In the Library module, the presets were not sorted by folder. Hell, they weren’t even sorted at all. I have a gazillion presets, it’s always been a pain in the ass to scroll down to the right one. Presets are now sorted by folder. Took them long enough. Hallelujah.
  • The Highlight adjustment tool is now split into 2 parts: Whites and Shadows. Thank you! Just because I want to bring out the shadow, doesn’t mean I want to boost the highlight also.
  • Local Adjustment Brush will be charged with superpower. Yes, you may paint brightness AND de-noise at the same time.

Those are some of the biggest improvements of the new update in my opinion. Aside from the changes in the Develop Module, Adobe also created some new features such as movie editing, soft proofing etc. Scott Kelby thinks this new version is going to sell like crazy.

Your photos look better processed in Lightroom 4. Period. […] The improvements in Lightroom’s Development module are so significant, and so much better than what we’ve ever had before, that I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find most anyone still using Lightroom 3 in just a few months from now. In fact, if they didn’t add another feature, it would still be worth the upgrade just to get better looking images.

You can follow this link to check out more videos of the new Lightroom 4. Or, if you have the balls, you can check out the beta version HERE. I can’t wait for the official version to come out!

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