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Need Last-minute Concert Tickets? Get the Thrillcall App

Posted on February 16, 2012 in Personal

Need Last-minute Concert Tickets? Get the Thrillcall App

You ever wanted to go to a concert so badly, but the tickets were either too expensive or they were sold out? I hate it when that happens. Sometimes, it wasn’t even due to the fact that there were no tickets available. You know when there’s a concert, you’d first call up your group of friends, discuss about it, and then wait for everyone to respond… next thing you know, the concert day is tomorrow, and you still don’t have the tickets. Worry no more, there’s a solution for all of this. Check out this new service called Thrillcall. You can now buy concert tickets on the day of the event.

How does this work exactly?

Thrilcall is kind of like Kayak.com or Google.com/flights – it searches and indexes concert tickets all over the place. On their website, you can pick the best option that’s available for you. What’s different is they’ve recently launched an iPhone app, which has a really cool feature: it gives you the option to buy tickets in the last minutes. Within this app, you can actually purchase instead of being routed to service that does. Here’s the app in a nutshell:

As for the app, what you should know about Thrillcall is that we are *not* trying to be a Groupon for tickets. In fact today’s offer is not a discount offer, it is an exclusive deal to soldout ticket through a relationship we’ve developed with Noise Pop here in SF […] the future of ticketing is likely to look more like a stock market for tickets with an opening price and a closing price and many transactions in between. Those different price points and transaction along the concert lifestyle are opportunities to market that usually are lost. That’s where we come in. By introducing unique deals–there are no other Flaming Lips tickets available today at cost (or free) since the show is soldout–Thrillcall helps the promoter, venue capitalize on their content. And for consumers we provide exclusive daily offers, providing real-time online and mobile alerts, so fans don’t miss anything.

You can check out more details on the app HERE.

Oh, by the way, I know a guy who works for this company. So if you download the app and purchase some tickets, maybe he’ll get a raise and buy me some lunch one of these days, that cheap bastard.

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