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Pigging it out

Posted on November 25, 2010 in Food, Personal, Photography

Pigging it out

Ah, Thanksgiving, one of our excuses to consume food enough for one week, within one day. If you know me, you know I eat a lot. Not just food, but crappy food as well. Luckily, the holidays make everyone else eat a lot like me too, so they can’t say anything about the fact that I eat like a pig.

This year’s Thanksgiving was no different; we had a lot of food lined up on the menu. Although, to reduce the work and the time, we opted for pre-prepared Thanksgiving dinner. All you have to do is read and follow the cooking instruction, and Voilà! Well, unless the power happens to be out WHILE the ham was in the oven. That’s exactly what happened to us. After the meat sat in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, poof! All dark. Crap, what do we do? Quick, improvise.

Since the turkey was still a bit dark, and we were all hungry, we decided to slice the meat, throw it on a pan and fry it. You can’t go wrong with fried… err bird.

Here are some pictures of my brother preparing for the ham before the power went out:



and this is the bird with some pinks before we lost the power:

Flipping the bird

Oh, by the way, I came home early for some macro shots. I know these don’t go very well with the whole Thanksgiving food theme, but I thought you might enjoy 🙂

What postive changes have you made in your life recently?

What's your biggest regret?

Who do you love the most?

And these are not even macros, but I thought they were cool regardless. It’s a trick I learned a while back when I was doing the Project 365. You set to a slow shutter speed, about 1/5s, focus, and then turn to zoom in while pressing the shutter release.

Speedy bushySpeedy fish pond

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