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Shoot The Centrefold ‘Bubble’ by Jarmo Pohjaniemi

Posted on February 25, 2012 in Photography

Shoot The Centrefold ‘Bubble’ by Jarmo Pohjaniemi

When Leica Cameras came to photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi and asked him to shoot something that shows the extreme detail and quality of their S2 37 Megapixel camera (reminds me of the D800/D800E), Jarmo came up with the concept of this model interacting with giant bubbles. Here is the behind the scenes video. It’s NSFW for obvious reason, so watch at your own discretion.

These masters of photography and Centerfold shooters are Arny Freytag and Jarmo Pohjaniemi. Shoot the Centerfold will also invite some of the most noted photographers from around the globe to serve as guest mentors to form an even more impressive list of professionals from which to learn.

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