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FStoppers Original: Behind-the-Scene Videos

Posted on March 10, 2012 in Fashion, Photography, Technology, Tips

FStoppers Original: Behind-the-Scene Videos

After doing a lookbook photoshoot earlier with my buddy Michael from fittedlife.com, I came home and couldn’t turn off my photographer mode. I ended up spending an hour watching these behind-the-scene videos done by the guys on fstoppers.com. I’ve actually seen most of these, but it’s always a great inspiration to watch this type videos. My all-time favorite video is still the first one that they shot in a penthouse in Las Vegas and released right after they launched the website. I’ll drop that in the first video. Bookmark this page if you don’t have time to watch them all at once 🙂


Fstoppers Original: How to shoot food photography

Peter Hurley shows How To Photograph Headshots

How To Photograph Wakeboarding In A Studio

Eric Bradshaw shoots a fashion editorial

King Street Studios Shoots Charleston Fashion Week


The iPhone Fashion Shoot


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