Nike+ Fuelband “Make It Count” by Casey Neistat

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Life is a sport. Make it count.

This guy has the balls of steel. Filmmaker Casey Neistat set off on a worldwide trip that blazed through New York, Paris, Rome, Johannesburg, Egypt, Thailand, Japan and more in just 10 days.

Much like the guys who went on the epic 44-day, 1-minute worldwide trip, Neistat and his friend Max Joseph, who edited the video, seamlessly jumped through countries and stitched beautiful scenes together in a way that’ll make the rest of us want to ditch our jobs and go see the world.

The interesting part about Neistat’s video is that Nike paid him to make a film about its Fuelband and #makeitcount campaign but instead of shooting a straight advertisement for Nike, Neistat used the money to fund this worldwide trip and created an advertisement for life.

by Laughing Squid and Gizmodo.

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