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Join The Listserve Project Now!

Posted on April 11, 2012 in Personal

Join The Listserve Project Now!

We all would like to feel important. We all would like our voice to be heard. We all would like everyone to listen to what we have to say… What if you were given a chance to say something – anything – you want to a million people? What would you say? Would you say something cool and witty… or something completely random… or something that you’ve never had the guts to tell anyone?

I stumbled across this project called “The Listserve” – an email list in which one subscriber is randomly selected each day to send an email to the entire list. It will launch once 10,000 subscribers sign up. You can find more information about the project, as well as sign up to be on the list HERE.

Update: a blog has been created for this project. You can check it out HERE.


  1. horak April 25, 2012

    Hello, I created a blog with emails from TheListServe – thelistserveblog.blogspot.com

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