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Understanding Watt Seconds with Mark Wallace on AdoramaTV

Posted on April 22, 2012 in Photography, Tips

Understanding Watt Seconds with Mark Wallace on AdoramaTV

This might be one of the most useful videos I’ve seen on AdoramaTV. When shopping for studio strobes, you normally get bombarded with technical specifications and numbers such as Watt seconds, guide number, flash duration, etc…but there really isn’t a good way to compare the qualities between these different brands and output powers, especially in real-life situations. In this video, Mark will show you that Ws don’t always equate to light output. He’ll put several studio strobes to the test to find out which one is the most efficient.

I only wish that he would’ve done more tests with the AlienBee B800 and the Einstein E640. Although, if you want to read some educational reviews, head over to strobist’s blog and read on the Einstein E640 HERE, or the AlienBees HERE and HERE. While you’re on his blog, you can get a good understand of flash duration as well. If you’re a visual learning like me, you’ll probably enjoy the video version HERE.

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