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Amazing Promotional Video “Arrinera Automotive” by Pawel Lazniak

Posted on April 26, 2012 in Cinematography

Amazing Promotional Video “Arrinera Automotive” by Pawel Lazniak

I’m nowhere near car enthusiast, but has got to be one of the sexiest car commercial and behind-the-scene videos ever. What you’ll see is the commercial video shot by¬†Pawel Lazniak for a Polish-British sport-car builder company called Arrinera Automotive. The video looks like it was done by CGI at first glance, but the whole thing was shot with the RED ONE, the Canon 5D MK II, the Canon 7D, and some ARRI 35mm. The shooting process took about a week, and the post-processing took another 3 weeks. To be honest, the car looks somewhat like a modified Lamborghini Aventador, but I must say, the final production video looks amazing.

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