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Jay P. Morgan Explains a Three Light Setup

Posted on December 6, 2010 in Photography, Tips

Jay P. Morgan Explains a Three Light Setup

Jay P. Morgan is a commercial and advertising photographer based in Los Angeles, California. This time, Jay is using a three light setup to make some portraits of a jazz player. If you are still uncomfortable with your lighting skills, Jay does a really good job explaining exactly what each light does and why he placed them where he did. Check out part two of this photoshoot where Jay adds some “special effects” in the form of an air canon firing at his subject.

With more than two decades of experience, Jay P. Morgan brings to his commercial studio two special qualities: a keen appreciation of the bizarre and a knack for flawlessly executing elaborate shots. As a result, the studio’s signature style — imaginative, highly staged “vignettes” which typically flout every convention from gravity to propriety — has won national and international recognition as well as a steady roster of major clients.

The disarming freshness and outlandish perspective make the work interesting and visually arresting. Morgan’s style is very effective at commanding attention in advertising, sales and marketing. Jay P. Morgan’s photography and film also involve much technical expertise and special effects. The studio prides itself in its ability to realize an art director’s most complex concepts without delays or overages.

Jay P. Morgan attracts a broad clientele, including entertainment, consumer products, fashion and high tech companies. His work has been the subject of numerous articles in advertising, graphic arts and photographic journals.

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