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Adobe Lightroom 4 RC2 Is Still Bad

Posted on May 20, 2012 in Personal, Technology, Tips

Adobe Lightroom 4 RC2 Is Still Bad

Just thought I’d update you guys on Adobe Lightroom 4 RC2: it still is a very slow piece of crap. After having so many problems with the performance and the presets that I had with the official version 4.0, Adobe has since released Lightroom 4.1 RC1 and RC2 (you can download the RC2 version HERE). I know I’m not whining and bitching alone in this case; I’m on the same boat with a bunch of other people on Adobe Lightroom FORUM. (pet peeve: I can’t stand people who really think more RAM equals faster speed)

I’m guessing it’s worth noting that I have dual monitors, which tend to create a lot more problems than those who only have one monitor. I won’t go into any specifics, as you can read them on the forum; however, I’ll go over the biggest beefs I have with Lightroom 4 RC2.

Performance: What. The. Frack? What the mother fracking frack? Are you serious? I use Lightroom for less than half an hour and the damn thing hogs up more than 4GB of my memory? My current 2012 collection only has around 4500 photos so far, which is around 4-5 times less than my last year’s collection, yet this thing looks like it’s about to blow up in any minute. Mind you, memory leak wouldn’t be such a big deal if it doesn’t become so sluggish after going through about 100 photos… so bad that I have to restart the software every now and then to make sure it doesn’t lock up. When it starts to crawl, it really takes about 3-4 seconds with the spinning circle saying “Loading…” – very annoying. I have my collection rendered at 1:1 preview, so this makes no sense whatsoever. Oh, and when I jump from one module to another, it takes about 8 seconds for the damn thing to switch.

Crashing: speaking of 1:1 rendering, the damn thing crashes way too often during import and rendering. The latest occurrence is when I set Lightroom to render 83 (yes, I remember the number) of the images that I’d rated 3-star. It rendered about 10, and then it gave me a BSOD. No, my system has nothing to do with this. My system has NEVER given a BSOD during both daily basis as well as stress test.

Preset conversion: this feature is still crappy. Again, the new process will accept your old presets, but it’ll convert your editing panels to the old process. Once you hit the exclamation point to update the process, it looks like crap. Your curves just got thrown out of the window. Great job Adobe. You know what their solution is? They said to pick a photo, apply it with the old preset, hit the exclamation point to update the editing to the new process, fix your curves, and then update the preset. What. The. Frack? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. You messed it up, and then you tell your customers to fix it themselves. Manually. Sure thing, but hang on guys, I’ll get back with you on this after I go fixing my 2,000 presets.

I’m at the point where I’ve used Lightroom 4 too much to roll back to using version 3.x. I really hope Adobe gets their assets together and fixes these problems.

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