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Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Posted on May 26, 2012 in Personal

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

This is one of the cutest marriage proposals I’ve seen. While I’m personally somewhat against proposals that involve other people, I really think they are cute regardless. Involving people means not only are you running a risk of her saying in front of everyone, but also means you’re using everybody as a tool to pressure her to say yes. On the other hand, if she says yes, everyone feels honored and excited to be there and be part of your proposal.

Portland-based actor Isaac Lamb gathered 60 friends and surprised his girlfriend Amy Beth Frankel with this well-choreographed live lip-dub marriage proposal. The video, which features the song Marry You by Bruno Mars, has since gone viral (and yes, she accepted).

On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, I told my girlfriend to meet me at my parent’s house for dinner. When she arrived I had stationed my brother to sit her in the back of an open Honda CRV and give her some headphones. He “wanted to play her a song”… What she got instead was the world’s first Live Lip-Dub Proposal.


  1. Gregory McCoy June 6, 2012

    Recently viewed some comments on petapixel.com wherein someone from your studio had stated the obvious, “RTFM”. One of the replies stated: “Tam Nguyen Photography, saw your shots on flickr and they blow major ass.” Well, my response is that I also have seen your work on your website and would hire your firm in a hearbeat. While your RTFM post may not have been politically correct, you have the skills to backup anything you post. BTW: I’m 63 years old, was shooting, developing, and printing at the age of 12 and still love photography to this day.

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