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Tips: Give the Clients What They NEED, Not What They WANT

Posted on May 27, 2012 in Photography, Tips

Tips: Give the Clients What They NEED, Not What They WANT

These are some great tips from Jared Polin “Fro Knows Photo”. As a photographer, it is absolutely important and essential that you have your own style of shooting and processing. Your work needs to be consistent, unique, and it needs to represent who and what you are. I know my work isn’t as consistent as I’d like it to be, and I still am trying to define my style of shooting and editing. I’m never a fan of shipping my photos off to someone else to do the editing for me. I agree with a lot of what Jared has to say; everyone should take a step back, slow down, and evaluate your work. If it doesn’t look consistent to the point where you can pick it out from the crowd, it’s time for you improve in that area.

How many times have you been with a client who has some unrealistic expectations for something they want? The truth is sometimes the client may think they know what they want but we need to give them what they NEED. There have been numerous times where I have been told by a client that they want this or that and I make sure to not only give them that but to give them what they need. Its sometimes a tough thing to listen to when you know what they are asking for just wont work. You have to make the decisions to either do exactly what they are asking for or give them what they need. Sometimes a mix of both may be what the doctor ordered.

I know this may sound weird and it may be hard to do, but sometimes you need to not take certain jobs if it just dosen’t feel like the right fit. This may happen when you are meeting with wedding clients. They may have a different idea for what they are looking for vs what you intend to deliver. I know early on I took jobs that I knew were not the best fit and I can honestly say it was to make money. I in no way saying don’t ever give the client what they are asking for I am simply saying we have to go beyond what they want and give them what we know they need. A perfect mix is a little bit of this with a little bit of that. You will see that they end up liking what you came up with any way and its a win win situation.

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