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Why I Quit Facebook, and Am Not Planning to Get Back

Posted on June 6, 2012 in Personal

Why I Quit Facebook, and Am Not Planning to Get Back

As some of you may have already known, I quit using Facebook for personal purposes since last September of 2011 when they forcefully rolled out the Timeline and the ticker for everyone. I removed everybody on my friend list, and I removed everything I’d ever posted on there. At first, I did miss the fact that I was no longer connected to my friends. Some from Vietnam, some from high school… those I’d never be able to get in touch if it hadn’t been for Facebook.

Be that as it may, it really comes down to how much I value more: my privacy, or what my friends ate for lunch.

I chose the former.

We are but Facebook’s tools and products to generate its revenue. The platform is free, so we really don’t have a say on how it uses the information we voluntarily feed it, nor do we have a say in its layout/design. Since we have no control over what goes in and what comes out, what people see and cannot see, who can access our information etc…I’ve decided to go with the “thermonuclear” route.

Nowadays, I only use Facebook as a portal for me to get news from business pages I follow, and to post things on my photography page. I’m practically nobody on Facebook, and I like it that way. I no longer miss it, at all. In fact, it really gives me more things to talk about when I meet someone in person, or when I chat/email them. There’s no more “Oh did you see what I posted on Facebook” or “Oh yeah I saw that from stalking on your Facebook”, follow by a dead and awkward silence.

I’ve found that I’m more active with commenting on websites and forums. Plus, everyone has chat nowadays, so it’s not like I’m missing out much. For the time being, emails, Twitter and G+ are more than enough for me.

If you think about it, a chat message or an email carries a lot more weight, and is a lot more genuine than a ‘Like’ or a +1.

Speaking of privacy and social buttons, they are now gone on my blog. As part of a movement to make the web cleaner and faster, I have removed the ‘Like’ and “+1” buttons from my blog. Moreover, I know for a fact that these social network sites are tracking your every move with cookies, so I’m only practicing what I preach.

The sharing buttons below are pure HTML and CSS, no Javascript involved. They will work even if your NoScript is at work, so if you happen to enjoy anything I post on this blog, go ahead and share that mofo.


  1. Chris Lee June 10, 2012

    Great article. Right on, and I admire you. I did the exact same thing last year with Facebook. You said it perfectly. Well done.

      • Chris Lee June 14, 2012

        Hopefully there will be some good browser extensions that can block that kind of tracking.

      • Tam Nguyen June 14, 2012

        There are, actually. Look up “DoNotTrackPlus” (both Chrome and FF), and Noscript (FF) or Notscript (Chrome).

        Happy browsing 🙂

      • Chris Lee June 14, 2012

        thanks! installing now…

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