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Tips on How to Get more ‘Likes’ on Facebook by Jasmine Star

Posted on June 13, 2012 in Photography, Technology

Tips on How to Get more ‘Likes’ on Facebook by Jasmine Star

This isn’t a brand new topic, but it does come up time and time again for photographers: how do you get more fans on Facebook without asking people. We all know it’s annoying and awkward to ask your friends, family and/or clients to go check out your page. In this video below, Jasmine has some nice tips on how to ask your clients to ‘Like’ your business page without asking. She’ll also touch on why it’s not a good idea to sync Twitter with Facebook, the importance of sharing more personal updates than business updates, and why the more you talk about your business from your page, the less people will listen.

While Jasmine Star is no social media expert, she’s managed to have around 60,000 fans on her Facebook page, so I think whatever she’s doing, it works.

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