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My Camping Trip to Lake Tahoe and a Timelapse Video

Posted on July 2, 2012 in Personal, Photography

My Camping Trip to Lake Tahoe and a Timelapse Video

This past weekend, I went offline and took a camping trip to Lake Tahoe, California. Before this trip, I couldn’t recall when it was the last time when I had no access to technology. By the time I got to the camp site at 10pm, it was pitch black, and I completely lost the phone signal. I’m not going to lie, going offline does feel a bit peaceful and a bit easing. Although, I was feeling a bit nervous towards the end, given how long I’d been unplugged.

Okay okay, the trip wasn’t long; I was up there for a day and a half. It was a tad too short for me to shoot a lot of timelapse footages. I did manage to shoot some stars, but it was nowhere near perfect. In fact, I’m not happy with the final video at all. To me, only the first 16 seconds of the video was good enough. I set my camera on a table, which was attached to the bench. Since people were sitting down and getting up, you could totally see the camera shake at around 0:20. When it got to the star segment at 0:37, all hell practically broke loose. I had light pollution all over the place, and the flicker is simply unacceptable. I tried my best to deflicker the segment in LRTimelapse using different settings, but the end results were almost the same.

I’m not proud of this video one bit, but I did want to compile anyway, because I wanted to learn how to use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. The learning curve is definitely steep, and I’m still quite fuzzy in AAF and AP, but I thought I’d rather spend the time to learn on this personal project now than when I have to work on a more serious project later.

Tilt-shift effect was done in post. Song is “Intro” by The XX. Below the video are some stills that I snapped while shooting the timelapse.

P.S.: Tahoe water is gorgeous.

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  1. Tram July 2, 2012

    Should do it again and spend the week out there.

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